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IT hiring trends for 2022

It’s no secret the tech industry is one of the most competitive ones out there, and the IT hiring trends for 2022 show it will remain this way. From UI/UX developer jobs to Ruby programming, both IT professionals and tech giants compete to find their best match. Candidates know their services are highly valuable and will take their time to consider every offer, while bigger tech companies, such as Spotify or Google, will usually whisk away all top employees in a heartbeat. 

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What does this mean for your company, though? The current state of the IT industry signals a need to stay ahead of the curve. This can be achieved by keeping a close eye on the IT hiring trends for 2022 and beyond, and adjusting your tech recruiting strategies accordingly. Keep reading to find out all about the current trends in tech recruiting! 

The 5 strongest IT hiring trends for 2022 and beyond

Social media recruiting. 

LinkedIn started this IT hiring trend back in 2003 when social media was still pretty much underdeveloped. Now, social media recruiting has expanded and moved out of this networking and job hunting platform to take over other platforms that could be considered less traditional when it comes to finding coding candidates. At the moment, Twitter and Instagram are the two leading social media platforms when it comes to job or candidate hunting. 

It´s obvious why Instagram is popular for finding employment: for designers or visual artists, this platform allows them to showcase their work. Instagram can be someone’s portfolio, whether it is through screenshots of recent development projects or UX mockups. If you’re looking for software developers, a quick search through the app can provide you with plenty of solid options. As for Twitter, this app is more popular in the editorial industry, but it’s still used by IT professionals to network and share their achievements. You can easily look for developers from all over the world and contact those you might be interested in hiring. 

Companies tend to shy away from skill development. 

As the IT industry gets increasingly competitive, there are new barriers when it comes to skill development. Many businesses don’t have the necessary time or resources to cross-train their employees or facilitate them with continuous learning opportunities. This means your company can stand out from the crow by offering IT candidates skill development opportunities, such as a senior development program or a paid subscription to an e-learning platform. 

AI and automated hiring are here to stay. 

While automated hiring systems can make a developer’s resume get lost in the digital void, they can also help recruiters save valuable time and resources. The truth is that AI and ATS are part of the IT hiring trends for 2022 and beyond. There’s no way to deny the immense pressure faced by hiring managers as the demand for developers rises at a global level, leading to an increasing need to rely on AI systems to aid the recruitment process. 

While your company can choose to turn to automated hiring systems when looking for the perfect software development candidates, there’s always an option. We believe nearshoring is a much more effective alternative to AI and ATS hiring as it outsources the hiring process while still keeping human-led recruitment as a top priority. Here’s more on the advantages of nearshore outsourcing for startups. 

Hybrid and remote work environments attract more candidates.

After the abrupt switch to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise employees are eager to maintain the habit of working remotely. This is especially true for the likes of software developers and web designers, whose job only requires a computer and a steady internet connection to be performed effectively. As software development can be a solitary task, most IT professionals prefer fully remote or hybrid work arrangements and this might even be a deciding factor for many of them when choosing which companies to work for. If your organization wants to attract as many top development applicants as possible, you should be open to remote work. 

Developers prefer straightforward skill tests. 

When it comes to the task of testing a software development candidate’s IT skills, tests and assignments are two things that could scare off potential employees. Why? Many developers don’t have the time or prefer not to sit through countless and countless skills tests just to get a rejection email or never be contacted again. That’s why having an efficient development vetting process can make the difference between finding the perfect candidate and never hearing from them again after you send them the first of half a dozen coding tests. At Next Idea Tech, we have a signature IT vetting process that has allowed us to hire nearshore developers from all over the world in a matter of weeks. 

Are you looking to hire nearshore developers? 

At Next Idea Tech, we understand that the current IT hiring trends for 2022 might surpass the capacities of your HR team. Technical recruiting is a complex matter, especially if you’re hiring remote or hybrid employees. That’s why we offer IT staff augmentation services for companies open to the possibility of hiring nearshore developers and therefore reducing their software development costs. We have an extensive guide covering the ins and outs of IT outsourcing and we’re always available if you have any questions. For now, contact us to learn how we can help you hire nearshore developers!  


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July 22, 2022