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The 8 Key Pros and Cons of Custom Software Development

Custom software development can be the answer for many companies looking for specific software solutions. It provides maximum flexibility, complete creative control, and specialized support. When tackling a sizeable project or in need of a unique design, custom development has the potential to take your plans to the next level.

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Now, there are also a few drawbacks to all custom software solutions. Because at Next Idea Tech we are familiar with both off-the-shelf and custom software projects, we want to help you determine which option is more convenient for your business. Keep reading to learn all about the key pros and cons of custom software development! 

Main advantages and disadvantages of custom software development

Pros of custom software development

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1. Greater return on investment:

Custom software development offers a greater return on investment compared to off-the-shelf programs because it’s specifically designed for your business. This means that, if the custom development work is done right, your website or mobile application will have all the special features and intricate designs you were looking for.

With off-the-shelf software solutions, there are many added costs that aren’t associated with improving your site, such as licensing. Custom development also provides you lifelong customer support and regular maintenance, though it can come at an additional cost.

Because of this, the custom software development might result in higher upfront investment, but the ROI in the long term will surpass the cost-to-benefit ratio of other software services. 

2. Creative flexibility with scalation possibilities. 

This might be the most obvious advantage of custom software development. Tailored solutions give you complete flexibility to create the site or application that will best engage your customers and capture new leads.

Besides allowing for more and better features, custom software development also gives you the option to escalate your site more easily.

Off-the-shelf solutions have multiple limitations, and at some point, your business might grow out of them. To avoid this, custom solutions always leave room for even more customization, integration opportunities, and the potential to scale the site. If your site needs to scale up, your custom development team will get to work. 

3. Better security measures. 

Hackers are always on the lookout for off-the-shelf programs because they already know where they can find vulnerabilities in those types of software.

On the other hand, custom software solutions embed special security measures right into the code of your site, making things harder for hackers and other internet threats.

Plus, your custom development team will surely set up an alert system to warn you whenever someone is trying to hack your site so you can take the necessary steps to avoid this. 

4. No additional licensing costs + complete ownership. 

Many off-the-shelf sites are harder to monetize because you don’t have complete ownership over the site since the program was only licensed to you.

While this might not be an issue for your business, licensing costs can really add up. You need to compare the cost of custom software development vs commercial software licensing.

This will help you assess which one will benefit your company the most down the road. 

Cons of custom software development

1. Takes a longer time to develop. 

Truth is, custom software development can be a lengthy process if you’re not careful when hiring your development team.

Bespoke software development will need to be carefully designed and it can take weeks, even many months until your company sees the final product in action.

While commercial software takes less to put together, custom development still gives you more unique results. Plus, the process can be accelerated if you’re willing to spend the extra money on faster results. 

2. The upfront investment is higher. 

Any custom solution, no matter the industry, will be more expensive than the commercial version. This is especially true with something as vital for your business as custom software development. Still, you save on licensing, security, and customization costs.

The average cost of custom software development ranges from 24 USD to 35 USD per hour for each member of your development team.

Though nearshore software developers can charge significantly lower rates because of the local cost of living. Read more about the advantages of working with a nearshore development team HERE

3. Requires more involvement from the company management team. 

Just as custom software development requires more time, it also calls for bigger involvement from the company management. Unlike commercial programs, custom development provides your company with tons of options for every aspect of the site.

These options will need to be discussed by an appointment team or the corresponding manager. This process can take some time, as designing a custom site is complex. Still, the results will surely leave everyone involved glad to have invested their time in the project. 

4. Maintenance is more expensive and takes a longer time to upkeep. 

Custom development comes with higher rewards, sure, but it also comes with higher costs. These expenses include software maintenance features such as backups, performance optimizations, updates, bug fixes, and testing.

When your site is made using custom development, it means you’ll need a very specific team of developers to help maintain it working properly. Commercially licensed sites can be handled by many developers.

But if your code was custom created you’ll depend on those who know how to manage it. This can result in larger costs if there are significant issues and service delays if the team is busy with other projects. 

Ready to hire nearshore software developers who can work on custom software solutions? 

Now that you understand the pros and cons of custom software development, you know why your business might need a custom development team.

This approach will grant you more control over your site, increased customization, and better scalation opportunities. If you’re sure you want to hire a custom software development team, at Next Idea Tech we can offer you access to our large network of nearshore developers and signature vetting process. Contact us today to learn more about our services!  


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March 25, 2022