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How To Find More Software Engineer Jobs

No matter if you’re a new developer or you have years of experience in the industry, there is always a time when people consider a job change. These changes can be due to several reasons, or perhaps you haven’t received an offer that matches your needs just yet, leading you to see how to find more software engineer jobs. 

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Considering there are 26.9 million software developers in the world and that number is expected to grow by 2023, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when looking for new remote development work. That’s why we decided to compile a list of the best tips to find new software engineer jobs. Keep reading to learn how to grow your career! 

6 tips to help you find software development jobs

Establish a social media presence, at least on LinkedIn. 

If you feel like you keep throwing resumes at the void, it might just be time to improve your social media skills. While it’s understandable for developers not to be influencers or much less, you need to keep a clean social media presence or at least have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. 

This will help recruiters get a clearer picture of who you are not only as an IT professional but as a person, and see if you and your work style would be a good match for who they’re looking to fill in the position.

Social media is also the perfect place to show off any promotions, work achievements, and recent projects you’ve been working on. This will all help you stand out and find more software engineer jobs! 

Understand what type of company would be the best fit for your skills. 

When it comes to shooting your shot, it’s always a smart move to have a clear understanding of the kind of developer you are. Do you work better with a tight schedule or prefer to get that coding done at night?

What niches are you the most interested in? What kind of work environment helps you thrive? These are questions you should be asking before applying to every open position on the internet, because companies will be looking for developers who match their business style and culture, and those things are usually easy to tell from a glance at your LinkedIn profile. 

Always mention your “Why?” during the interview. 

We know that the reason why you work as a developer might not be the first relevant piece of information that comes to mind when thinking of the cleverest thing to say at a remote software development interview. But, believe it or not, recruiters want to hire people with a true passion for what they do.

This is why you should always be clear about why you opted for a career in software development and why you want to work for that specific company. Show the interviewer that you will be the most passionate member of their team and they’ll sure take a deeper interest in you. 

Research the company you’re applying to. 

Research is key for a software developer… So why wouldn’t you conduct it when applying for software engineer jobs? Sure, you can choose to attend an interview without knowing much more than the company name and the looks of their LinkedIn profile. But this strategy won’t get you anywhere closer to your dream development position. 

It’s best to learn all you can about the company, its founder, the products or services it offers, its current coding strategy, and the mission/vision of the business. All this information will help you be prepared in case any company-specific questions come up during the interview.

As a developer, you shouldn’t be surprised if they ask you what you think could be improved about their site or eCommerce store. Always be prepared for remote interviewing! 

Stay up to date with the latest technologies. 

No company wants to work with an IT professional stuck in the old ways. Though this doesn’t mean you should forget all past knowledge and only focus on developing new skills. A strong software development candidate knows the balance between staple technologies and up-and-coming novelties.

But hiring managers will be impressed if you have a passion for technological news and have started to get acquainted with the latest innovations, such as learning how to become a Metaverse developer

Create a portfolio. 

Every developer should have a professional-looking portfolio displaying their best development work. The reason why this is an effective tactic to help you find more software engineer jobs is the impact an organized portfolio has on whoever is reviewing your application for a job.

A showcase of your best work not only gives your past experiences additional credibility but also speaks for your skills better than your words on a Zoom call ever could. 

For example, if you say you know how to build an eCommerce store, the proof is right there in your portfolio showcasing the latest website you built.

While your portfolio will help to back all of your skills, it’s still important not to overcrowd it with too many non-relevant or old projects. Keep it sharp and simple to impress recruiters with your work. 

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June 10, 2022