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7 Remote Interviewing Tips for Developers

Remote interviewing can be daunting for most of us, especially if it’s your first time applying for a remote development job. While meeting a potential employer through a zoom meeting might not seem like the ideal situation, remote work certainly benefits both employers and employees. In fact, the remote hiring process has helped over 47% of companies reduce their time to hire. Because remote interviews are beneficial for both parties, we wanted to help you prepare for a remote interview to maximize your chances of employment. So keep reading to learn about the best remote interviewing tips for developers! 

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How to ace remote interviews: remote interviewing tips for developers 

1. Research the company you’re interviewing for. 

Showing up for an interview without researching the company and your interviewer would be like sitting for a final without knowing what the test is about. It will only hurt your chances of getting the job and it will honestly make you even more nervous during the call. You should know the company’s main services/products, their mission and vision, the position of the person conducting the interview, and other details related to your position. 

For example, if you’re interviewing to be their new WordPress developer you should familiarize yourself with the company’s site and be ready to answer if they ask you what you would improve. 

2. Prepare targeted questions in advance. 

 It’s no secret that all candidates should always be ready to ask questions at the end of the interview. Almost every interviewer will ask you if you have any doubts or inquiries left, and you should always say yes. This shows you’re invested in the potential role and that you were engaged enough during the interview to realize what topics were already covered or not. Lucky for you, we have a loss of the best interview questions for software developers right here

3. Make sure you and your background look put together. 

We know that a zoom call might not seem like much of a reason to dress up as an in-person meeting, but you still need to make a strong first impression. That’s why one of our favorite remote interviewing tips for developers is to attend every virtual interview with a business casual attire and a clean background. 

Your environment also affects your image as a potential employee, as it can show if you’re organized or messy, if your tech equipment is appropriate for a remote job, and your overall presence as a candidate. 

4. Have notes at hand to check when needed. 

If you have specific answers to common questions, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a few brief notes by your side. Preparing for a remote interview includes practicing what to answer in many scenarios, so defining your responses can actually help you succeed. 

It can help you avoid going off on a tangent when asked to give an example of a past project or situation and take the pressure off remembering dates and other important details. Just keep in mind you should check these notes as naturally as possible to avoid giving the wrong impression to your interviewer. 

5. Be ready for a live coding assessment. 

Live coding assignments are a fantastic way for you to show your development skills. If you’re wondering how to ace remote interviews, being ready to code at any time is absolutely crucial. While you’ll probably learn in advance that the remote hiring process will include a live coding assessment, it’s still a good idea to refresh your knowledge before an interview. Just in case they ask you to code a minor thing or answer technical questions! 

6. Show genuine enthusiasm for development beyond work. 

Employers want to hire passionate nearshore developers that love to experiment with new technologies. This means you’ll need to show why you’re committed to software development through personal projects, constant learning, or something else that proves you truly enjoy what you do. You can ask if they hold any regular hackathons, have junior mentorship programs, or allow room for out-of-the-box solutions. This will also help show your true enthusiasm for programming and set you apart from the rest of the candidates. Remember, everyone prefers to work with passionate people! 

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Now that you know the key remote interviewing tips for developers, it’s important to put them into practice during your next hiring process. It’s okay if you have yet to score an interview for a development position as well. Remote development jobs are highly coveted these days and you’ll need to put yourself out there to get noticed by recruiters. 
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April 16, 2022