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Interview Questions For Developers To Ask Potential Employers

All developer interview preparation can become overwhelming, especially if this is your first interview with an international employer.

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Still, whether it is a pre-screening interview or a call with your potential superior, it’s crucial to prepare for the occasion. This includes putting together a list of questions to make at the end!

We know it can sometimes be tough to find the perfect question to show both your expertise and enthusiasm for the position.

That’s why we decided to create a guide to the best interview questions for developers. Keep reading to learn what interview questions developers should ask a potential employer! 

Why aspiring developers should ask questions during interviews

If you want to become a top remote nearshore developer, showing interest in the company and position you’re interviewing for is non-negotiable.

This will show international employees that you’ll stay on top of your duties and be a valuable member of the team despite the physical distance.

You can also use interview questions as an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, coding knowledge, or any particular skill you might want to highlight. It’s important that you always ask at least one question at the end of the meeting!

You’ll find the best interview questions for software developers down below. 

The best questions for developers to ask at the end of an interview

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Questions related to the company:

Which coding project is the company’s priority right now?

What is the company’s main objective for the role?

What is the current dynamic for the software development team?

Where does the development department sit within the company? 

What advancement opportunities do you offer to remote developers?

Questions for developers to inquiry about work style and management:

How does management measure the developers’ success?

Is the company open to experimenting with new technologies depending on the project? 

What is the relationship between developers and software managers? Do any of the leaders code as well?

Is there synergy between the development department and other areas of the company?

Interview questions developers should ask about the position: 

What have past developers done to succeed in this position?

What does a typical day look like in this role?

Which tasks would be at the top of my list every week/month?

What metrics will be used to measure my performance in this position?

Interview questions for developers to prove their expertise:

What kind of databases do you use for development projects?

Do you currently have any tech debt? If so, what measures are being implemented to solve it?

What are your forms of source control?

How does your organization handle automated software testing? 

What is your preferred software development methodology?

Questions for software developers to show passion and enthusiasm:

Do your development teams conduct peer code reviews? 

Are there any programs to mentor junior software developers?

Does the company currently host any Hackathons?

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Those are the best interview questions for software developers to ask potential employers! As you can see, there’s a lot of material for aspiring developers to work with and better their chance of being offered a position.

To be extra safe, be sure to go through the company’s LinkedIn profile and learn as much about them as you can. This will help you come off as prepared and passionate about the position. 

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February 17, 2022