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How To Hire Nearshore Developers In Chile

Nearshore outsourcing has been gaining traction for years now, helping US-based businesses get the best return on investment when it comes to software solutions.

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Thanks to its proximity to the US and its similar time zones, Latin America is currently regarded as a top nearshore outsourcing destination.

There are several countries to choose from but today we’re focusing on a particularly strong tech hub in the region. Let’s dive into how to hire nearshore developers in Chile! 

The competitive advantages of hiring nearshore developers in Chile

#1 Chilean developers have minimal time zone differences.

As with most countries in Latin America, nearshore developers from Chile only have a 1-4 hour difference from the US. It depends on the exact US time zone, but the difference with the EST time is usually just two hours. This allows both your nearshore outsourced and in-person teams to work in real-time and complete projects at a faster rate.

You can build trust with your remote team through introductory meetings, real-time conversations, and after-hours hangouts. If your nearshore development team were to be in a completely different time zone, this wouldn’t be possible. 

#2 Software development in Chile is one of its leading industries.

When you hire nearshore developers in Chile, you are outsourcing from a talent pool belonging to a prolific IT industry. Santiago, Chile’s capital city, is one of the major technology hubs in all of Latin America. But the country has other tech hubs and a well-round infrastructure for nearshoring to thrive.

There were 61,068 software developers in Chile back in 2028, according to data by StackOverflow. Today, there’s no doubt this number has significantly increased, especially considering the recent rise of remote staff augmentation

(Stack Overflow)

Furthermore, the IT industry in Chile is also one of the most innovative ones in the region. This country ranked high on the Global Innovation Index, being #53 out of the 132 economies featured in the 2021 GII. Besides having a steady software development industry, Chile also has a significant number of tech startups.

The country ranks #5 out of 54 countries in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, confirming the entrepreneurial spirit of this nation. The local government has made several efforts to grow the export of software development in Chile and bring innovative startups to the country.

It’s clear these efforts were well undertaken since Chile is known considered a top nearshore outsourcing destination both within and outside of Latin America. 

(Global Innovation Index 2021)

#3 You save money when you hire nearshore developers in Chile. 

Chile’s political instability often led the country to economic turmoil, turning this country into one of the places where the US dollar is the most strong these days.

This favorable conversion of Chilean pesos into US dollars combined with the lower cost of living in Chile makes Chilean developers charge lower rates than their American counterparts. That way US-based companies can save both time and money when hiring nearshore developers in Chile!

Here are standards for what it costs to hire nearshore developers in Chile. Please consider a 30-40% increase in costs if you’re working with third-party providers. 

Junior developers: $3000-$4000 USD per month. 

Mid-level developers: $4000-$6000 USD per month. 

Senior developers: $6000-$8000 USD per month.

#4 Chilean developers have a strong command of the English language.

Chile is one of the Latin American countries with the best English language proficiency. It ranks #7 in the Latin American region and #47 out of 112 countries, according to the 2021 EF EPI index. Its overall English score is 516, signaling that most educated nearshore developers in Chile have a strong command of the language.

This guarantees US-based companies that their teams won’t have any communication barriers if they hire nearshore developers in Chile. 

#5 The best developers in Chile receive top-notch software education.

Chile is well known for its quality tech education and competitive university system. After Brazil and Argentina, Chile has some of Latam´s best technologically-focused educational institutions. In fact, a few Chilean universities rank among the best 500 in the world. Here is the data according to the U.S. News & World Report

Not only is Chile’s education overall impressive, but its strong focus on science and engineering degrees also makes it a top nearshore outsourcing destination. When you hire nearshore developers in Chile, you’re hiring professionals from a country that produces a high rate of tech graduates per year.

According to recent statistics, almost 25% of Chilean graduates receive science and engineering degrees. This results in Chile having one tech, engineering, or science graduate per 4.500 people. 

#6 Nearshore developers in Chile know their way around multiple coding languages.

Most nearshore developers from Chile know the importance of having versatile skills. That’s why many Chilean developers are proficient in several coding languages and innovative technologies. This allows US-based companies to hire nearshore developers in Chile for the long term since they can tackle different projects requiring different coding solutions. 

Here are the most popular coding languages when software outsourcing to Chile: 











How to hire nearshore developers in Chile

#1 Work with a staff augmentation/nearshoring firm. 

Software outsourcing to Chile comes with a lot of factors to take into account. If you hire nearshore developers in Chile through a nearshoring firm, your company will have consistent guidance every step of the way.

Staff augmentation companies (like us, Next Idea Tech) handle all the recruitment, onboarding, and payment procedures. This allows you to focus on making sure which Chilean developers are a strong fit for your team!

#2 Hire the best developers in Chile as direct contractors. 

Direct contractors can save you money spent on third-party nearshore software development services, though they are harder to book. These contractors usually work on very specific projects and only do so on a short-term basis.

If you want to have team flexibility and need a very particular set of skills, hiring nearshore developers in Chile as direct contractors can be an optimal option. 

#3 Ask your industry contact to refer you to Chilean developers.

Hiring nearshore software developers in Chile if you’re recruiting them on your own can take longer than expected. When you have a referral, this process usually shortens since you already know where to look.

So don’t hesitate to ask your industry contacts for Chilean developers’ recommendations! Once you have the names of potential coding candidates, it’s best to contact them through LinkedIn or send them a direct email. 

#4 Contact a Global Employment Agency to hire nearshore developers in Chile. 

Global Employment Organizations help you hire nearshore developers in Chile through their agency. Though keep in mind this includes a heavily present third-party, since they work hand in hand with local governments.

These organizations let you hire Chilean developers through them for as long as you need them. Their services usually cost the developer’s salary, the costs of perks and benefits, and a 10% fee for their involvement. 

#4 Post a job ad on job boards or social media groups. 

Job ads are an efficient way to attract Chilean developers if you know where to post them. Job boards and social media groups have maintained steady popularity for years, making them a natural choice for US companies looking to hire nearshore developers in Chile.

Online communities like Reddit, Facebook, and targeted job boards will let you post an ad tailored to local developers in Chile if you follow all community guidelines. Though keep in mind that many job applications are getting lost amid automated hiring systems, so make sure you’re checking all incoming applications yourself. 

#5 Attend Chilean IT events to find nearshore developers ready to work.

Chile’s strong position as a Latin American tech hub puts it at the center front of several Latin American IT events. Santiago is often the city selected to host hundreds of nearshore developers from all over the region as they join to network, learn about the latest market trends, and connect with potential employers.

These events are usually offered both virtually and in person, making it easier for US-based companies to attend. It’s definitely a smart move to send someone from your team there to scout for Chilean developers! 

#6 Scout through freelancing platforms. 

Nearshore software development services thrive through freelancing platforms thanks to the low rates and large talent pools. UpWork and Fiverr are the two most popular platforms with freelance Chilean developers, making them the ones you should look into to hire nearshore developers in Chile. Though these sites have a few drawbacks since it’s tough to formally test the nearshore developer’s skills before hiring them. Still, it’s not a bad idea to give them a try. 

#7 Establish a subsidiary of your US-based company in Chile.

Setting up a subsidiary or sister company in Chile is an effective way to establish your presence in the region. You can hire nearshore developers in Chile through this local company and have them work for your US-based operations as well. Though make sure you comply with all local regulations before hiring any Chilean developers, or else you might risk legal trouble.

Ready to hire nearshore developers in Chile? Let’s work together!

Hiring nearshore developers in Chile is a fantastic way to outsource your software solutions. Chilean developers can be a great fit for your team, whether you’re looking to improve your site’s UX or do regular software maintenance work. With minimal time zone differences to the US and virtually no communication barriers, your company can save both time and resources by nearshoring to this country. 

At Next Idea Tech, we offer staff augmentation and direct placements services to US-based companies looking to hire nearshore developers in Chile and all of Latin America. That’s why we created an in-depth nearshoring series! Last week’s country was Argentina, so feel free to give that article a read as well. Our goal is to bring your ideas to life through quality software development. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn how to hire nearshore software developers in Chile!

FAQ about hiring nearshore developers in Chile

How to hire developers in Chile?

Hiring nearshore developers in Chile can be a complex process if you’re new to nearshore outsourcing. We recommend partnering with a staff augmentation firm, asking for referrals, or hiring a direct contractor.

What are the advantages of hiring developers in Chile?

There are different competitive advantages of hiring Chilean developers. The minimal time zone differences, lower employment costs, and long-term team flexibility are a few of our favorites.

What are the costs of hiring developers from Chile?

Here is an overview of the standard costs of hiring nearshore developers in Chile:

  • Junior developers: $3000-$4000 USD per month. 
  • Mid-level developers: $4000-$6000 USD per month. 
  • Senior developers: $6000-$8000 USD per month.


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December 10, 2021