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How To Hire Nearshore Developers In Argentina

Now that remote staff augmentation has reached incredible heights of popularity within the IT industry, many US-based businesses are looking to nearshore outsource their software solutions.

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That’s where Latin America shines as a top nearshore outsourcing destination, growing with its software exports year by year.

Several countries in this region boast some of the best international talents and have a solid infrastructure for nearshoring. This is exactly the case when you hire nearshore developers in Argentina!

The land of tango, Lionel Messi, dulce de leche, and remarkable natural landscapes have also positioned itself as a technological hub in the region.

This country has seen remarkable growth within its programming industry and is home to a large network of skilled software developers. This pool of skills makes it easy to hire nearshore developers in Argentina.

Keep reading to learn how to hire nearshore developers in Argentina and how it can benefit your business!

Advantages of hiring nearshore developers in Argentina

How To Hire Nearshore Developers In Argentina - copia (1)

#1 Argentina has minimal time zone differences from the US. 

One of the top competitive advantages of hiring nearshore developers in Argentina is the ability to work in real-time with your remote software development team.

Thanks to the minimal time differences (Argentina is only one or two hours ahead of the EST), your teams can share regular business hours and collaborate without any communication barriers.

This allows you to complete projects faster than with an offshore coding team!

#2 Software development in Argentina is an ever-growing industry.

It’s always smart to nearshore your coding solutions to a country with a strong software development industry. In this area, Argentina is no exception. This country has a large talent pool and solid IT infrastructure to cover all of your software needs.

There’s a reason why Argentina has become a tech hub within Latin America: its local industry is one of the most innovative in the entire region. In fact, the Argentine development talent pool is the third-largest in all of Latin America!

Beyond the incredible amount of Argentine developers ready to get to work, this country also shows favorable statistics regarding its software development industry.

According to the Argentine Chamber of the Software Industry, the country gains 50% of its software developers per year, along with 36% of new tech companies.

These numbers are outstanding for any nation, but they’re especially significant for one that used to focus all of its economic activity on agriculture and local produce.

With such steady growth rates, you can see why nearshore developers in Argentina are so sought after! 

#3 Nearshore developers from Argentina are usually proficient in English. 

Argentina is the Latin American country with the highest English proficiency level! According to the 2021 EF EPI rankings, Argentina has an English proficiency score of 556 points and ranks #30 out of 112 countries with a high English level.

It’s fantastic to see the local English-speaking talent get recognized for their skills and ranked higher than the rest of the countries in this region.

Take this statistic as proof that almost all Argentine software engineers working internationally are fluent in English and more than capable of working with a US-based team.

#4 Argentine software engineers receive high-quality software development education. 

Argentine developers are highly skilled and often recognized for their constant innovation and quality results. In fact, they have recently ranked high on Coursera’s 2019 Global Skills Index.

This report placed them in first place on their programmer skills rankings! This recognition is further proof of the solid software development education that Argentine software engineers receive. 

(Source: Coursera Argentina’s Ranking Global Skill Index in LATAM)

Now, when it comes to formal software development education, Argentina also boasts a quality infrastructure in this area.

The country offers free nationwide education in a variety of undergraduate and graduate disciplines, including those within the IT sector.

In fact, Argentina offers over 38 undergraduate, graduate, and certificate-level degrees related to computer science, programming, and technological innovation. 

For those who can’t or choose not to attend university, there are plenty of online courses, tech institutes, and coding boot camps available.

These allow anyone to specialize in the software development niche of their choice and qualify for international employment opportunities.

Though you can always interview coding candidates to ensure they have the level of education required to join your team!

#5 Your company saves money when you hire nearshore developers in Argentina.

The cost of living in Argentina is significantly lower than in the United States, which translates into a favorable conversion of US dollars into Argentine pesos.

This allows US-based companies to hire nearshore developers in Argentina for a fraction of the cost of hiring North American IT professionals. By nearshore outsourcing to Argentina, your business can save valuable money and resources! 

Here are the usual rates for hiring nearshore developers in Argentina. Please consider a 30% to 40% increase if hiring through a third-party agency or platform.

Junior developers: $2500-$3000 USD per month. 

Mid-level developers: $4000-$5000 USD per month. 

Senior developers: $6000-$7000 USD per month.

#6 Argentine developers work with a variety of coding languages. 

Nearshore developers in Argentina know the importance of staying relevant amid an ever-changing market. That’s why they learn several coding languages and keep up to date with all industry trends.

When you start software outsourcing to Argentina, you’ll find that one developer can cover several areas of expertise depending on the project.

Here is a sample of some of the most popular coding languages with Argentine developers! 













How to hire nearshore developers in Argentina

#1 Get quality nearshore software development services through a nearshore outsourcing firm. 

Hiring nearshore developers in Argentina through a staff augmentation firm gives you access to years worth of experience, local contacts, and a network of skilled developers.

Nearshoring agencies like us, Next Idea Tech, simply the process of software outsourcing to Argentina and all of Latin America.

We do this by handling the recruitment and payment procedures, as well as ensuring all nearshore developers are up to speed with your current projects.

You only have to worry about deciding which coding candidates are the best fit for your team!

#2  Ask your Latin American contacts for a referral.

It’s no secret referrals can really speed up the recruitment process, especially when nearshore outsourcing. It’s important to capitalize on as many opportunities to streamline the hiring timeline as possible, so asking for referrals is a must.

Ask your industry contacts, work colleagues, and even personal friends to see if they know or heard of coding talent in Argentina. Then get in touch with those Argentine developers to discuss the project! 

#3 Scout for Argentine developers working as direct contractors.

Since you’re directly hiring Argentine developers to work for your company, scouting for contractors can help you lower the costs of your software solutions.

Still, these IT professionals usually have limited availability or are associated with nearshoring firms and freelancing platforms.

Though there’s no reason to give up on hiring independent contractors before doing a quick on LinkedIn or Google. Just be sure to be very specific about what coding solutions you’re looking for and which type of contract you can offer them.

You can read more about remote recruitment in our article about how to hire remote developers!

#3 Post a job ad on different Argentine social media communities and job boards. 

Social media is huge when it comes to remote software development! That’s why you need to share about all open positions on online communities and job boards.

This will help you hire nearshore developers in Argentina and all of Latin America faster than if you were to scout for a contractor on your own.

Many Argentine developers join job boards like Latam Business Network and online communities like Reddit or LinkedIn to connect with potential employers and fellow developers.

If you target your job ads to nearshore developers in Argentina or the nearby regions, you should find suitable candidates within a few days!

#4 Hire nearshore developers in Argentina via a Global Employment Agency. 

For those in need of third-party support, Global Employment Agencies and Global Employment Organizations are a decent nearshoring option.

Still, their nearshore software development services are not the same as those of an IT staff augmentation firm or a direct contractor.

These agencies work with professionals from all kinds of backgrounds and help you hire them through their arrangements.

They usually charge the developer’s salary, the cost of any perks or company benefits, and a 10% fee for their involvement. 

#5 Give freelancing platforms a try to start software outsourcing to Argentina.

Everyone interested in remote work is familiar with UpWork and Fiverr by now. These freelancing platforms became the go-to digital spaces for IT professionals looking for new work opportunities amid The Great Resignation.

They allow you to hire nearshore developers in Argentina and all of Latin America through their sites, though it’s tough to properly vet developers beforehand in some cases.

Still, freelancing platforms are an option to keep in mind due to their user interfaces and large talent pools!

#6 Look for Argentine developers at local software development conferences.

Software development conferences are known for their networking opportunities all around the globe. Still, these events are particularly useful for those looking to hire nearshore developers in Argentina and other Latin American regions.

Plus, thanks to the rise of remote activities, you can join both virtually and in person now. This makes it even more convenient for you and your team.

You’ll find several Argentine software engineers eager to work with US-based companies at these conferences!

#7 Establish a local subsidiary for outsourcing software development to Argentina.

When you set up a local company in the region, you’re not only hiring nearshore developers in Argentina through it. This is also a great enterprise to expand your business operations and establish your presence in a top nearshore outsourcing destination!

Though always consult with a local lawyer to be aware of all national regulations and avoid any legal complications. 

Ready to hire nearshore developers in Argentina? Let’s work together!

Hiring nearshore developers in Argentina is an amazing way to outsource your coding solutions. This country has all the right qualities and competitive advantages to be the top nearshore outsourcing destination of your choice! Nearshoring is the future of software development, which is why we actually have an entire series dedicated to this topic.

We cover how to hire nearshore developers in all of Latin America! Feel free to check out our latest nearshoring post all about hiring developers in the Dominican Republic

At Next Idea Tech, we are here to bring your ideas to life. That’s why we help you hire nearshore developers and optimize your coding solutions according to your creative vision.

We recruit talent from a broad network of skilled nearshore engineers and UI/UX designers proficient in English and different programming languages.

You can choose between staff augmentation and direct placement services to hire nearshore software developers in Argentina.

We guarantee your company will save time, money, and resources. Schedule a consultation with us to learn how you can start software outsourcing to Argentina!

Hiring nearshore developers in Argentina FAQ

How to hire developers in Argentina?

There are different strategies for hiring developers in Argentina, all with different pros and cons. We recommend working with a nearshoring firm or looking for a direct contractor to get the best return on your investment.

How many software developers are there in Argentina?

According to a recent 2018 statistic, there were 114,576 Argentine developers. This number has undoubtedly increased in the last couple of years, as software development became even more popular in the country. CESSI has estimated there are over 134,000 IT professionals in Argentina by now.

What are the advantages of hiring nearshore developers in Argentina?

There are several reasons why it’s best to hire developers in Argentina. A few of our favorite benefits include lower staffing costs, minimal time zone differences, and the lack of language/communication barriers.

What companies outsource their software solutions to Argentina?

Many US-based companies rely on software outsourcing to Argentina. The most well-known to do so are Globant, SAP, Motorola, and Oracle.


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December 3, 2021