How To Find Remote Software Development Jobs

How To Find Remote Software Development Jobs

The Great Resignation confirmed what many of us already knew: flexible and remote job alternatives are the future of work. Now that 55% of US workers have decided to switch careers or find new employment opportunities in 2022, it’s important for aspiring remote developers to master their job-hunting abilities.

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The competition will only keep getting fiercer! That’s why we decided to create a comprehensive guide with all the ways developers can look for remote jobs. Keep reading to learn how to find remote software development jobs!

Why should developers look for remote software development jobs?

There are several reasons why IT professionals should aspire to become top remote nearshore developers. For starters, remote developers usually have complete flexibility when it comes to their work schedules. As long as there isn’t a meeting that day, you can work whenever you want!

Remote development jobs also allow you to work with international companies, improving your English proficiency while you earn a living.

These work arrangements also provide developers with competitive pay and solid benefits. At the end of the day, remote developer jobs offer the freedom and stability that creates the perfect combination to lay the groundwork for a fulfilling career. 

How To Find Remote Software Development Jobs

Freelancing platforms:

Freelancing platforms are a great way to hit the ground running and find your first remote software development job. The two most popular ones for nearshore developers are Upwork and Fiverr and are free to sign up for both these applications. Just keep in mind that they keep a small commission every time you get paid in exchange for their services.

There are hundreds of companies looking for remote developers on these platforms so it’s relatively easy to find your first gig even as a complete beginner. It’s best if you check your colleagues’ rates on each platform to have a better idea of how much to charge for your work and make sure you’re not being underpaid.

While freelancing platforms are not the best for long-term work, they can be a great fit for you if you’re looking for temporary or part-time remote developer jobs! 

Staff augmentation and nearshoring agencies: 

If you’re asking yourself how to find remote development jobs that are long-term positions with opportunities for career advancement, then you need to consider applying to a staff augmentation agency (like us!).

Nearshoring agencies connect remote developers with companies looking to hire nearshore IT professionals to solve their development needs.

Most agencies keep a wide and diverse network of developers to recommend for multiple positions, and they do their best to match each professional to the company they’re best suited for.

The end results are long-term remote work relationships that benefit both remote developers and North American companies. 


The great thing about referrals is that you could get recommended for your dream remote software development job if you know the right people. Sure, this isn’t a way to find remote software development jobs that guarantee success.

But it’s still worth a try, especially if you are familiar with people in the tech industry. All you need to do is ask if any of your close contacts know of any remote developer jobs you could be a good fit for.

Then, ask them to share the application with you. You can even ask for a recommendation if it’s possible! 

Job boards and portals: 

Job boards or portals are quite popular when it comes to finding remote software development jobs. These are websites often dedicated exclusively to remote and remote coding positions, where new openings are shared daily or weekly.

Many of them have newsletters you can subscribe to in order to receive new job opportunities directly in your inbox. A few of the most popular ones are Hubstaff Talent, Employ Remotely, and

Social media: 

Believe it or not, social media could help you find remote software development jobs. This might happen if you follow your favorite companies or recruiters on different social media platforms and some accounts that often post jobs.

There are plenty of people out there who share job openings on a regular basis, especially within the development community.

It’s all about following the counts that are the best fit for the type of remote developer jobs you’re looking for and keeping a close eye on their posts/stories. 

LinkedIn Jobs: 

Linkedin Jobs is a job portal and a social media channel at the same time. It belongs to the network where around 70% of recruiters are hanging out and actively looking for candidates on a daily basis.

It’s a key step for developers to create an account on this channel to find better employment opportunities since you can even get contacted by recruiters if your personal profile impresses them.

Make sure to create an account, complete your profile, add a link to your portfolio, and network as much as you can to find remote development jobs on LinkedIn. 

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If you’re still wondering how to find a remote development job, then you should consider joining our international network of nearshore developers.

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Remote Software Development Jobs FAQ

Are there any remote software development jobs available?

Yes! There are hundreds of job openings waiting to be filled with remote developers. Companies from all over the world are looking for IT professionals with experience working in remote environments.

How to find remote software development jobs?

Finding remote developer jobs doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. You can find remote developer jobs through freelancing platforms, LinkedIn Jobs, staff augmentation agencies, job portals, and more.


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March 4, 2022