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Building A LATAM Team To Create Metaverse Projects

What are Metaverse projects? 2021’s big reveal was the transformation of Facebook into Meta. It was sudden, confusing, and quite exciting. But 2022 is the year where you should familiarize yourself with the concept of the Metaverse.

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It’s time to dive deep into what’s to come and how your company can benefit from Metaverse Projects by building a LATAM team of IT professionals. Keep reading to learn all about Metaverse products and nearshore developers in Latin America! 

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse Projects

First things first, what is the Metaverse, and what does it mean for you and your business? The Metaverse is (or at least will be) a 3D platform that allows us to experience life in a fully virtual reality.

This technology will intertwine virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency in one smooth interface that allows users to hop in anytime they want.

At some point, it will seamlessly mix with our “real world” lives and allow us to visit people and explore the world virtually, but almost just like in the physical realm. We know it sounds a bit dystopian, yet it’s all happening right now. Companies need to adapt! 

The Metaverse won’t only affect Internet users or the gaming industry. Most industries will sooner or later become involved in this new virtual reality.

Metaverse projects will be a common occurrence and Metaverse products will continue to increase in value for years to come. Businesses can already sell their products as NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) but many other VR and AI eCommerce options will arise in the foreseeable future.

What does this mean for your business? Well, it means there’s a profitable opportunity available. And that you need to build a suitable team to make the most revenue out of it! 

What metaverse products can you sell? How do Metaverse projects work?

Metaverse Projects market size

To some extent, companies can sell almost any product or service in the Metaverse. While it might not yet be the omnipresent virtual reality it’s predicted to become, there are industries that are already benefiting from its opportunities.

Retail, gaming, and entertainment are a few of the major ones. The stock market is also heavily involved, as seen with the recent sale of a digital art NFT for $69 million US dollars.

Through NFT’s and the digital products to come, businesses can simultaneously operate their sales both in the virtual and real worlds. 

The opportunities don’t stop with NFT’s. There will be an entire virtual retail system, including virtual shopping malls, luxury stores, Metaverse product experiences, premium events, and pop-up stores on select locations for Metaverse projects.

All of these are options for US-based companies to expand their reach and build a profitable Metaverse business right at the dawn of Meta eCommerce.

Though you will need software development and IT team that can migrate your business from the real world to the virtual Metaverse. That’s where building a LATAM team can make all the difference and truly benefit your company! 

How can building a LATAM team help you create Metaverse products?

1. Tech and software development will be crucial to Metaverse’s growth. 

Metaverse projects will always need software development. No matter how ambitious or safe the business idea can be, an IT team will have to make sure it’s fit for the virtual world at some point.

Moreover, the Metaverse is a greenfield for nearshore developers in Latin America and all over the world, as there aren’t just a handful of platforms dominating the field.

Many different technologies will play a part in creating Metaverse projects and developing Metaverse product design strategies.

You will need a strong software development team to build your presence as a business in the Metaverse and set your company apart from the competition. 

2. Nearshore developers in Latin America are already immersed in the digital world. 

There are several advantages to hiring nearshore developers in several Latin American countries, like El Salvador, but one of them is their extensive experience with remote work.

Within the Metaverse, all interactions will be made through a device, most likely a computer/smart device and a VR set for the time being, and through an Internet connection.

While most people have experience with remote work thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote developers are experts in the area.

These are IT professionals who know what’s needed for building a LATAM team in the tech business and the ins and outs of working with international companies.

They will know what’s best moving forward with the Metaverse, as an entire part of their lives happens virtually already. 

3. You’ll get the international talent pool with the advantages of a certain closeness. 

Nearshoring your software solutions to create Metaverse projects is particularly attractive because it offers the best of two worlds.

You work with an international talent pool composed of nearshore developers in Latin America, but you also share a workday with them and are just a quick flight away.

This provides US-based companies with all the advantages of a larger, more diverse talent pool without making the sacrifices that come with an offshore IT workforce. Building a LATAM team is the perfect middle ground! 

4. Your company can reduce its software development and IT costs. 

Building a LATAM team to develop Metaverse products is less costly than through a design agency or US developers. This is thanks to the differences in living costs compared to most Latin American countries.

The cost of living there can be cheaper than living in the US, which is why developers ask for lower compensation. This allows US-based companies to lower their software development costs and put that money towards ambitious Metaverse projects. 

5. Great ideas emerge from diverse teams with tech-oriented minds. 

Another reason why building a LATAM team full of nearshore developers in Latin America can benefit your Metaverse projects is their joint cultural diversity. Each Latin American country has its own unique traditions and philosophy, adding a ton of originality to your team. Just think about the sheer number of Metaverse products that an international, multilingual, and multicultural team can create together.

Moving forward, creativity and innovation will be the key to setting a business aside from its competitors. Especially within the virtual world! Building a LATAM team for your Metaverse projects helps create original and diverse products. 

6. Meta itself is recruiting remote workers all over the world.

Last but not least is the fact that Meta itself is focusing on hiring remote workers. For its expansion to Europe, Meta will be hiring exclusively remote positions!

If the company that’s leading the way where the Metaverse concerns ops for remote workers, this is a sign that other companies interested in creating Metaverse projects should do the same.

We’ve seen it with the pandemic and the Great Resignation as well: remote work is the future and so is the Metaverse. Building a LATAM team shows your company is ready for the next business revolution. 

Ready to jump into the future and join the Metaverse with a brand new IT team? 

As you can see, the Metaverse will play a vital part in our futures. The virtual economy will increase its importance and “real world” companies will need to adapt to stay relevant.

Creating Metaverse projects and selling virtual products or services can even become a more profitable business than current company models in the future.

To create Metaverse products, you’ll need to build an efficient, globalized team of software developers and IT professionals. 

At Next Idea Tech, we have experience building a LATAM team to bring revolutionary ideas to life. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the quality of our network of talented nearshore developers and signature vetting process.

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With our help, your company can start building a LATAM team to create Metaverse projects in just a few weeks. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 


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January 28, 2022