9 Impressive Advantages Of Outsourcing To A Nearshore Software Development Company

9 Impressive Advantages Of Outsourcing To A Nearshore Software Development Company

Several worldwide companies have realized the advantages of hiring nearshore developers. Yet nearshore software development can seem like a challenge to those still holding onto traditional team structures. For companies used to having an in-person software development team or those with no web developers at all but whose staff spend all week at the office, the idea of working with any remote software development company might sound too risky. Though there’s no reason to worry. There are several advantages of hiring remote software developers

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However, there’s more than one way to outsource remote software engineers. At Next Idea Tech, we believe that nearshore software development is the best option for any business looking to start outsourcing. This strategy has been consistently growing within the IT sector. Plus, we know it will keep thriving for years to come. That’s why this post is dedicated to the benefits of nearshore web development. We’re sharing our top reasons to start nearshoring developers today. 

What is nearshore software development?

First things first, you need to understand what makes nearshore outsourcing so convenient against other remote development services. That starts by comprehending what exactly is nearshore software development. Nearshoring is a modern business approach when a company hires a third-party agency to provide its services from a nearby geographic location. The third-part company is usually located in a nearby country or headquartered in the same country as your business, but working with a team of remote software developers. 

Unlike offshore outsourcing, nearshoring allows the companies to create a solid synergy between them, working in real-time and without any language barriers. This is because offshoring consists of a third-party company located far away and with a significant time difference providing services for a certain business. That’s where nearshore software development results in a better return of investment and cost-benefit ratio than other outsourcing alternatives. Let’s take a deep dive into the reasons why you should opt for nearshore development to grow your business. 

Here’s why you should outsource to a nearshore software development company

#1 No time-zone mix-ups with this kind of remote software development. 

Offshore development often comes with striking time differences of 12+ hours. Which, being honest, is not ideal if you want to get the best return of investment possible. With nearshore outsourcing, your business shares a timezone with the software developers you work with. That alone makes things easier from the get-go, as your in-house and nearshore teams can work together in real-time and communicate more effectively. 

#2 A nearshore web development team will share your culture and language. 

One of the primary concerns of business owners hesitating about working with a remote software development company is the possibility of a language gap between teams. With offshore development, this is often the case. Many agencies don’t have the workforce or infrastructure to hire a fully bilingual team who’s available 24/7. On the contrary, nearshore agencies only work with developers proficient in English and acquainted with Western projects. As for the cultural breach, nearshore software development services also ensure that all developers are a strong fit for your company’s work ethic and standards. 

#3 Nearshore outsourcing increases your business’ productivity. 

Another great advantage of hiring nearshore developers is that it allows you to focus on your core business. Outsourcing developers takes the load off your back when it comes to coding solutions, custom integration, UX/UI design, and more. That way you can focus all your energy and your in-house teams on keeping the primary functions of your business running smoothly. Your company will see an increase in efficiency and problem-solving capacities once they have a team of remote software developers ready to fix any issues. In fact, this outsourcing survey shows that most companies choose nearshoring to level up their productivity. 

#4 Save on expenses and hidden software development costs. 

Any solid nearshore software development company will provide the necessary infrastructure, workforce, technical equipment, and experts for the optimal web development of your business. This saves your company both time and resources. You won’t need to clear any extra office space, pay individual salaries, or recruit and train software developers. All of the hidden costs of that work are taken off your hands and included with most nearshore software development services. Not to mention that several nearshore web development hubs, such as Latin America, have a living wage significantly lower than their US counterparts. This is why nearshoring can reduce costs by 30% to 48%, depending on the exact location. 

#5 Nearshore software developers provide easier team integration.

When you have two teams (in-house and nearshore) that have no language barriers, share a timezone, and come from similar cultures, they’re bound to communicate in a problem-free, effective way. Nearshoring gives your in-house workforce the chance to collaborate with your remote software development team without any obstacles, allowing for better team integration and company synergy. 

#6 Nearshoring allows for closer proximity to your remote software development company.

This is one of the most underrated advantages of hiring nearshore developers. Many business owners think that working with a remote software development company means they’ll never have a reason to meet that team face-to-face. Yet the occasion might arise and it’s best to be prepared for it. Nearshore outsourcing cuts travel times and expenses in half, thanks to the geographical proximity. 

#7 Access to international software development talent without recruiting hassle.

Recruiting a talented team of software developers is more challenging than it sounds like. Trust us, we know all about the true cost of software development! It’s also not easy to find solid developers that are close enough to the company’s headquarters or available during regular office hours. With nearshoring, your business has access to an international pool of talented nearshore developers without having to conduct any type of recruiting, onboarding, or training process. 

#8 Nearshore software development services protect your intellectual property. 

If your company is offshoring, you might find it complicated to ensure your intellectual property is protected. For instance, in a few Eastern European and Asian countries, intellectual property regulations are not truly reliable and don’t provide much protection to US businesses if their work is stolen or plagiarized. However, nearshore outsourcing takes care of that issue. Nearshore software development services are provided by companies in nearby countries with intellectual property laws similar to US regulations. Even better, you can find a nearshore software development company that is headquartered in the United States, like our Next Idea Tech web development agency. This will automatically protect your property under US laws and provide the necessary support if anything were to happen. 

#9 Keep up with all the ever-changing software development trends

Working with a remote software development company means you have expert nearshore developers available almost at all times. This takes your company down the path of constant technological innovation. Therefore allowing your business to stay up-to-date with the latest software development trends. When you choose nearshore outsourcing with a web development team that’s passionate about engaging with your ideas and constantly innovating, there’s no need to worry about getting left behind. 

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At Next Idea Tech, we care about efficient communication and seamless web development. We provide nearshore software development services to US-based firms that need a development partner they can trust their ideas upon. We’re headquartered in Massachusetts and even received a Clutch Award as the top custom software developers in our city. Our web development team is always ready to craft software solutions and bring your ideas to life. We do app development, web development, UI/UX design, and custom integrations. Schedule a consultation with us if you’re ready to try nearshore software development and elevate your projects to a higher level! 


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September 16, 2021