What is Web Development and Web Design | UI:UX | A Short Guide 2020

In case you’re new to a  website development then you must know few things that what is the difference between website development and website design? What is UI/UX? How can you get your site set? We will explain everything today in this article. 

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When you take your idea to any web/software development agency or hire any freelancer for this task, the first problem you will encounter is the IT industry terminology. Web professional works on various latest technologies that you don’t know. We can’t teach you website development because it’s a tough job to do and requires a lot of time and resources.

However, we can explain to you some necessary steps involved in the web development process. After reading this article, we hope you will figure out the basics of the web designing and development process.

Why Website Design is Necessary?

We have to know why websites are necessary for our business? The answer to this question is straightforward: millions of people are now using the internet for buying a needle to buying a house, in this fast-moving world. People even book their flight tickets, Sports events, and hotels on internet. 

Everyone needs food & grocery at their doorsteps. Internet banking is a need of every third person right now. You can read about anything happening in the world with just a single click, and we all know that websites are playing a significant role in this revolution. That is why websites are necessary for every business that wants to grow online.

Now we can move further!

Web Design is a colored design of a website that you see on the screen when you open a website. The whole layout of a website with UI and UX falls under the category of a web design. Usually, Web design starts with an idea, either it comes from your mind or comes from a web designer’s mind.

1) WEB Designing:

If you don’t have any specific design idea in your mind, then just tell the web designer about your business, and he will take care of the rest. Web Design helps a lot in growing our online businesses and making them a brand. If your website has an attractive design, then users stay longer on your website and share the content with others.

In short, a web design is all about the layout, appearance, colors, images, fonts, and content of your website. It totally depends on a web designer how professionally he combines all of the things mentioned above together.

2) UI/UX:

UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) are two terms used mostly during the web development process. Here is some short explanation of these two terms.

  • UI (User Interface):

UI is a part of a web design process that deals with the website’s dynamic functionality. Features, buttons and input fields are included in User Interface.

  • UX (User Experience):

UX or User Experience is a feeling or satisfaction of a user while his stay on a website. If your web design is clean & attractive, users will stay on a website for a maximum time and it will improve the user experience of a website. 

3) Web Development:

Web Development is a process of building a website from scratch, either with coding or with advance website builders. The web Development process is easy if you need plain text or content on your website. This process becomes complex when users’ need a custom business or other functionality.

There are multiple programming languages used in website development, like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. A web developer converts the design of a web designer into a specific format using some programming languages.

HTML (HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE) is used for building the basic Text Framework of a website. CSS is used for the basic styling of a website. JavaScript is used for creating some effects, animations, and other interactive elements.

There are three major parts of the web development process.

  • Server-Side Coding:

When we use a website on the internet, we are only interacting with its front-end design, but behind every click you made on that website, some logic works on the server-side. PHP is one of the most common programming languages used on a server-side.

  • Client-Side Coding:

Client-Side coding or Front-End is what we saw on our screens. Most web developers use websites designing languages like JavaScript, Html, and CSS.

  • Database Technology:

The database is the storage of website records. The data you are displaying on your website or the backend data you want to show to users on-demand is stored on databases. There are many types of databases like MySQL Community Server, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Oracle Express Edition, etc.


Q1: What is the difference between Web developer vs Front end developer?  

Ans: A front-end developer is usually referred  as a web developer skilled in developing the front-end layout & front-end structure of a website. On the other hand, web developer is a person who is responsible for the overall structure development of a website (Both Front-End & Back-End). 

Q2: Why web designing is important?  

Ans: There are many advantages of an elegant web design. However, I’m mentioning here a few so you can figure out how much web designing is important. 

  1. A good web design helps in business branding.
  2. A responsive & well-designed website get more leads than a normal one.
  3. An attractive web design increases the trust value of your website.

Final Words: 

 We hope this article cleared some basic confusion of yours. However, Web Development/Web Designing may sound a bit scary to people who are not from the tech industry. So let us know if you have any queries related to web designing/development and if you want a responsive website, just contact us.


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November 3, 2020