Top 10 Nearshore Software Development Companies

Top 10 Nearshore Software Development Companies in Latin America [2024]

As a technology leader, you’re on the hook to deliver business and technology outcomes while reducing costs to achieve growth and profitability. But after years of IT recruiting, you came to realize that hiring full-time tech talent to bring in-house isn’t always the best way to build the technology you need. After all, the recruitment process itself is flawed, frustrating, expensive and, many times, ineffective. Nearshore software development companies in Latin America provide US businesses with the opportunity to eliminate the wild card of a new hire with a highly qualified, proven team so you know what you’re getting right from the start. You can leverage skilled talent and proximity advantages while keeping costs under control. 

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Latin America, with its robust IT industry, has several companies specializing in providing cost-effective nearshore development services. Selecting the best nearshore software development company in Latin America is a subjective task, as it largely depends on the specific needs, preferences, and priorities of the individual or organization seeking services. The technology world is diverse, and numerous companies excel in different aspects of software development. 

Here, you’ll discover the top 10 nearshore software development companies in LatAm renowned for their exceptional services and cutting-edge solutions. These companies were selected from 47 thoroughly screened vendors. They boast a track record of delivering high-quality software products, catering to diverse industries and client requirements. 

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List of the Top 10 Nearshore Custom Software Development Companies

  1. Next Idea Tech
  2. BairesDev
  3. HatchWorks
  4. Vates
  5. Cheesecake Labs
  6. Dualboot Partners
  7. Sonatafy Technology
  9. Waverley Software
  10. Gorilla Logic

Next Idea Tech

Next Idea Tech is a team of veteran Software Engineers and IT Pros on a mission to make the process of hiring developers and building software teams easier than ever.

From their offices in Boston, Massachusetts, they focus on helping North American businesses build their software teams by connecting them with top English-speaking Latin American developers via nearshoring.

With resources across Latin America, Next Idea Tech has the power to tap into small and large markets, alike, while understanding local labor laws, to create a simple, cost-effective hiring process that results in connecting you with the best developer talent in Latin America.

From planning through implementation, Next Idea Tech’s team of C-Suite Executives, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Designers, and Engineers can help you push new features faster, hit product milestones on time, mitigate risk, make smart trade-offs, and get the most value possible for your budget.

All of Next Idea Tech’s nearshore engineers are located in GMT-3, meaning you can achieve a significant overlap with PST and EST working hours.


Talents: Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Designers, and Project Managers

Tech Stack: React, React Native, Vue, Angular 10+, Node.js, PHP/Laravel, Golang, AWS, Java, Python, Amazon, Azure Platform, Heroku, Google App Engine

Portfolio: TypeTrail Media, Surreal Events, GO LunarPark, Arizent, Officer Reports

Industry Experience: Information technology, Advertising & marketing, Arts, entertainment & music, Education, Financial services, Government

Engagement Models: Staff Augmentation, Managed Software Development Services, and Full-cycle Custom Development

Average Hourly Rates: $51 – $100 / hr

Company Size: 20+

Location: United States, Latin America

Awards: Top Custom Software Development Company Award on Clutch B2B Rankings


Based in San Francisco with offices in Latin America, BairesDev is a leading nearshore partner for software development known for providing nearshore software development services, including software engineering, quality assurance, and UI/UX design. It was founded in 2009 by the Argentinians Pablo Azoni and Ignacio De Marco, under the motto “We transform companies. We future-proof businesses. We are Digital Acceleration experts”. The main service the company provides is building custom engineering teams for customers across industries. The company’s nearshore model fosters close collaboration with clients, facilitating real-time communication and increased productivity for software development. 

BairesDev constantly strives to adapt to clients’ needs, including through its solution architects service, which offers a two-week design sprint in which the company provides a detailed communications plan, defined architecture and technical approach, and product roadmap and backlog with security and non-technical requirements.

The company employs 5,000+ timezone-aligned nearshore software developers spread across 50+ countries, including the top 1% of tech talent from the Americas and the Caribbean. Their AI-powered Team Recommendation Engine processes over 1 million applications yearly to match specific skills to clients’ requirements within two weeks. BairesDev’s nearshore developers serve companies of all sizes and across all industry verticals, including renowned names like Google, Burger King, eBay, SAP, and Volkswagen.

In 2023, BairesDev was ranked as Silicon Valley’s second fastest-growing private company according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal. This recognition was based on the company’s 396% revenue growth from 2020 to 2022, with revenues in the 2022 financial year topping $314.36 million and underscoring their commitment to delivering efficient, high-quality software solutions.

Services: BairesDev offers a full stack of software development expertise from concept to completion. This includes:

Talents: Software Developers, QA Engineers, Designers, and Project Managers

Tech Stack: .NET, React, React Native, Angular, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, Python, 

Portfolio: Google, Rolls-Royce, Pinterest, Motorola, ViacomCBS, Univision, AP, Turner, IBM, Thomson Reuters, Salesforce, Whirlpool, HP, Autodesk, Volkswagen, Square, IPG Mediabrands, Netgear

Industry Experience: Information technology, Medical, Financial services, Automotive, Government

Engagement Models: Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Software Teams, Custom Software Outsourcing

Average Hourly Rates: $51 – $100 / hr

Company Size: 5,000+

Location: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Spain


Founded in 2016 by Brandon Powell, HatchWorks is a US-based nearshore software development company that combines a US-based solution practice and client management with the affordability and scale of nearshore outsourcing, all in your time zone.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and with a network of eight offices across 4 countries (USA, Costa Rica, Colombia, & Peru), their teams are English-fluent and located in 4 US time zones (CST, EST, MST, & PST), enabling improved collaboration and outcomes. Their 5-step screening process ensures that you get the best IT talent, ready to start in as little as two weeks.

Unlike most nearshore firms that grow through acquisitions and subcontracting, HatchWorks has built their nearshore software development team from the ground up with a strong culture, leading to an industry-leading 98.5% employee retention rate and ensuring no project disruptions. 

In 2023 HatchWorks CEO & Founder, Brandon Powell was recognized as the Nearshore Entrepreneur of the Year by Nearshore Americas for 2023. Under Powell’s leadership, HatchWorks has established a high-performance culture based on a clear vision and core values, earning the company recognition in the list of the Best Places to Work by Inc. Magazine in 2022.


Talents:  Nearshore Software Engineers, Product Strategists, UX/UI Designers, and Cloud Specialists

Tech Stack: C#, JavaScript, Typescript, SQL, Python, Ruby, .NET, Django, React, React Native, Angular, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Spring MVC, AWS, Azure Platform

Portfolio: AT&T, Diebold Nixdorf, TrueBlue (PeopleScout & PeopleReady), Cricket Wireless, Kimberly Clark, Stanley Black & Decker, Zimmet Healthcare, Viasat, Capital Choice Financial Group, PwC, CarIQ

Industry Experience: Financial, Health & wellness, Publishing & digital content, Travel & lifestyle, Productivity, eCommerce

Engagement Models: Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Agile Teams embedded within your organization, Outcome-Based Projects (full-service software solution development aligned to your success criteria)

Average Hourly Rates: $51 – $100 / hr

Company Size: 300+

Location: USA, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru


Vates is a nearshore software development company with a 30-year presence in the market, headquartered in Florida, USA, and with development centers across LatAm. The company specializes in providing custom software development, testing, quality control, and R&D services and solutions to large companies in the USA and LatAm.

They utilize agile principles by taking an iterative-based, incremental approach which optimizes predictability and reduces risk during the development process. 

Using this approach, they have guided the exponential and digital transformation of some of the world’s leading tech companies, such as Intel, IBM, Motorola, Oracle, among others. 


Talents:  Scrum Master/Analyst, UX/UI Designer, Full Stack Developers, QA/Tester, DevOps, Technical Support

Tech Stack: C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, ASP.NET, C, C++, PHP, SQL, Objective C, Swift, Oracle, Spring MVC, Struts, Angular, NodeJS, React Native, Django, React, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Portfolio: IBM, Oracle, Siemens, HP, Motorola, NEC, FIAT TYCO, Accenture, At&T, SAS, Shell, Citibank, Pinnacle, MLS, RipCharts, Stanza

Industry Experience: Telecommunications, Financial services, Consumer products & services, Education, Business services, Energy & natural resources, GPS, Navigation & GIS, Medical, eCommerce

Engagement Models: IT Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Agile Teams embedded within your organization, Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)—-the TaaS model facilitates a testing environment setup by assembling a team of professionals with specialized skills, particularly in Test Automation.

Average Hourly Rates: $25 – $50 / hr

Company Size: 500+

Location: USA, Argentina, Chile

Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs is a leading software design and development company that delivers world-class digital products with a value-driven, nearshore collaboration model. The company sprouted in Florianopolis, Brazil with the goal of building mobile apps for Silicon Valley.

With 10 years of experience and a team of 100+ nearshore Brazilian developers and designers, the company specializes in mobile and web development, including emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Web3, Voice, AR, and IoT. They have adopted Flutter and React Native as their main stacks.

In 2023, Cheesecake partnered with MoneyGram to develop a non-custodial digital wallet on the Stellar Network. The wallet enables customers around the world to leverage stablecoin technology to seamlessly move from fiat to digital currency, to fiat again — opening access to the global financial system.


Talents: Software Engineers, QA Engineers, UX/UI Designers, and Project Managers

Tech Stack: Python, JavaScript, Flutter, React Native, Airtable, AWS, Heroku

Portfolio: Mutual of Omaha, AB InBev, Mercado Libre, MoneyGram, Cargill/Agriness, AES Corporation, Singularity University, Finn Auto, Bemis and Merk, Stellar, Central Bank of Brazil, FINN

Industry Experience: Consumer products & services, Financial services, Information technology, eCommerce, Automotive, Real estate

Engagement Models: Small Dedicated Team 3 FTEs , Medium Dedicated Team FTEs, Large Dedicated Team

Average Hourly Rates: $51 – $100 / hr

Company Size: 100+

Location: Brazil

Awards: #1 Web App Development Company 2023 (Latin America) by CLUTCH, #13 Mobile App Development Company 2023 (Worldwide) by CLUTCH, #1 Web App Development Company 2023 (Brazil) by The Manifest

Dualboot Partners

Dualboot Partners is a business and software development company. The company’s founders and product managers are seasoned technology veterans with 25+ years of experience starting, leading, and selling tech companies and products as well as re-platforming legacy systems.

Dualboot’s delivery team consists of 400 nearshore developers and each of the projects they undertake is led by Product Directors who possess Chief Product Officer level experience. The company offers UX/UI design, DevOps, product strategy, web development, quality assurance (QA), mobile development and more, thereby helping startups and enterprises to build professional mobile and web apps with a nearshore team.

Clients include tech and non-tech founders as well as Fortune 500 companies.

They have offices in Charlotte, NC, United States and Montevideo Uruguay.


Talents: Software Engineers, QA Engineers, UX/UI Designers, DevOps Engineers, and Project Managers

Tech Stack: Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, Ember.js, React Native, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Django, Flutter, NodeJS, VueJS, Laravel, WordPress

Portfolio: DebtBook, PetScreening, MyWorkChoice, Boardroom Insiders, FleetNurse, Payzer, True Load Time, Thirty Capital, Randall Reilly, JupiterOne, Red Stone Equity, flyExclusive, Intercontinental Capital Group

Industries: Education, Financial services, Information technology, Manufacturing, Medical

Engagement Models: Staff Augmentation

Average Hourly Rates: $51 – $100 / hr

Company Size: 400+

Location: USA, Uruguay

Awards: 2023 The Business Journal Fastest-Growing Companies, The Manifest Most Recommended B2B Providers in Charlotte and Raleigh 2022, Inc. 5000 Fastest-growing

companies in the US 2023, 2023 Clutch 1000 Winners

Sonatafy Technology

Sonatafy is an elite Software, QA, and Maintenance Engineering firm specializing in augmenting teams with highly qualified, experienced, and educated talent located in Latin America. They specialize in building solutions for SaaS, healthcare, life-sciences, and clinical industries with strong expertise in understanding software compliance, scalability, IP Security, and creating long-term relationships.

Sonatafy has over 100 years of combined technical leadership, software development experience, and a proven track record of delivering high-quality nearshore software development talent, managed services, and consulting to clients. Their rigorous customer and candidate engagement process assures successful results when helping augment current software and QA engineering teams to reach maximum performance, or creating teams and team leadership on a contract or contract-to-hire basis.


Talents: Agile Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Solutions Architects, UI/UX Designers, Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, Fullstack Engineers, Android Engineers, Game Developers, QA Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, Technical Writers, 

Tech Stack: C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, SQL, .NET, Angular, React Native, NodeJS, React, Django, Ruby on Rails, VueJS

Portfolio: Caterpillar, Fox Media, IBM, Cisco, AKIDO, MobiTV, Semantic Research, Buzztime, Calsense

Industries: Information technology, Medical, Business services, Consumer products & services, Financial services, Manufacturing, Media, GPS, Navigation & GIS, Non-profit

Engagement Models: Staff Augmentation, Software Outsourcing

Average Hourly Rates: $51 – $100 / hr

Company Size: 200+

Location: USA

Awards: #1 Most Trusted US-Based Nearshoring Company of 2020, 


DNAMIC is a full-service nearshore software development outsourcing firm specializing in software development, software testing, quality assurance, digital production, and IT staff augmentation solutions. The company was co-founded in Costa Rica back in 2014 by Arturo Garcia, a visionary technology entrepreneur and member of the Forbes Technology Council. DNAMIC’s primary goal is to give clients cutting-edge and up-to-date IT Consulting expertise. 

The company started out as a mobile development startup but soon expanded its horizons in 2016 by acquiring a local UX/UI firm, increasing its capabilities in product design, digital production, and animation. Today, DYNAMIC is helping American businesses build agile dev teams of top tech and design talent from Latin America. 

DNAMIC is trusted by large enterprises such as Warner Music Group, Discovery Channel, and international marketing agencies like Droga5.

In 2023, the company received recognition by Clutch, the leading global marketplace of B2B service providers, where it ranked as the No.1 B2B agency in Costa Rica in 2023 due in part, to their dedication to flexibility, innovation, teamwork,and superior service performance.


Talents:  UX/UI Designer, Full Stack Developers, QA/Tester, Project Manager

Tech Stack: ASP.NET, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective C, Flutter, React, React Native, NodeJS, WordPress

Portfolio: Warner Music Group, Discovery Channel, Kodak, IntraEdge, Reibus, Monin Inc.

Industry Experience: Information technology, Advertising & marketing, Arts, entertainment & music, Business services, Consumer products & services, Retail, eCommerce

Engagement Models: IT Staff Augmentation

Average Hourly Rates: $50 – $99 / hr

Company Size: 250+

Location: Costa Rica

Awards: Best International Vendor MES 2017 (Nashville TN), CLUTCH Award Best Software Development Company 2023 (Costa Rica)

Waverley Software

Waverley is a nearshore software development company with offices in the USA, Bolivia, Australia, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Romania, and Poland. Waverley specializes in designing and building software products and AI solutions for Enterprise Automation, Robotics, Smart Home, FinTech, Healthcare, Energy among other domains.

Waverley has more than 30 years of experience working in the tech domain, providing software development services to companies worldwide. Nowadays this software development company has around 350 employees globally. The company has offices in the US, Australia, Bolivia, Romania, Vietnam, and Ukraine. This distributed structure gives Waverley’s clients access to multiple talent pools around the globe, and allows building mixed teams for 24/5 support, working across timezones.

Under the goal of building an “extraordinary future of tech” Waverley has united passionate, experienced, and talented nearshore engineering staff who master the necessary programming languages and excel at efficient development processes.


Talents:  Product Designers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, UX/UI Designers, Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Data Scientists, Technical Architects, DevOps Engineers, Robotics Engineers, IoT Engineers, Data Engineers, Embedded Systems Engineers, AI/Machine Learning Engineers, Systems Integrators, Cybersecurity Specialists, Security Engineers

Tech Stack: ASP.NET, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective C, Flutter, React, React Native, NodeJS, WordPress

Portfolio: Mozilla, Qualcomm, Swisscom, American Express, Seagate, Toyota, Freeman, Oji Life Lab, NTT Disruption, e2f, Spirax Sarco

Industry Experience: Education, Financial services, Medical, Retail

Engagement Models: IT Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Software Teams, Custom Software Outsourcing

Average Hourly Rates: $51 – $100 / hr

Company Size: 350+

Location: North America, Latin America, Europe and SouthEast Asia

Awards: Top 10 AWS Consulting Companies in 2023, Top 5 Robotics Companies by Clutch, 2023, Top 5 AI Developers by Clutch, 2023, Top 5 Latin America Java Developers, 2023

Gorilla Logic

Based in Boulder, Colorado, with nearshore development hubs in Mexico, Colombia, and Costa, Gorilla Logic is a leading provider of custom software solutions. Founded in 2002, Gorilla Logic has been a prominent fixture in the Latin American nearshore software development scene. Over the last two decades, Gorilla Logic has demonstrated strong expertise in product design, solutions architecture, as well as the development and delivery of full-stack web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

They also offer IoT (internet of things) development, database management and quality assurance testing services, enabling corporations to scale resource capacity, improve performance, enhance productivity and accelerate their time to success.

When you engage Gorilla Logic’s highly collaborative nearshore developers, you don’t just get some extra sets of hands; you get an extension of their existing team—-a group of technically excellent, passionate, and dedicated engineers who can seamlessly adapt to your business environment from Day 1.


Talents:  Cloud Solutions Architects, Full Stack Developers, Data Engineers, DevOps Engineers, iOS Developers, Flutter Developers, QA Engineers

Tech Stack: ASP.NET, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, Angular, Django, Flutter, NodeJS, React

Portfolio: Ford, Arrow Electronics, DaVita, Maxar, Gaia, Finish Line, Medtronic, NBC Entertainment, Western Asset Management, Home Advisor

Industry Experience: Automotive, Energy & natural resources, Financial services, Information technology, Legal Cannabis, Manufacturing, Media, Medical, Real Estate, Retail

Engagement Models: Staff Augmentation and Distributed Agile Development Teams

Average Hourly Rates: $51 – $100 / hr

Company Size: 550+

Location: United States, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica

Awards: In 2023, Gorilla Logic was recognized as a Clutch Global, Clutch Champion, and Clutch 1000 Award winner, in recognition of their position as a top digital engineering services provider

How this Ranking was Created

This leaderboard was created by assessing certain criteria. The featured businesses met the following requirements:

  • They had to have received evaluations from at least 30 satisfied customers across various review sites (most had over 50 total reviews).
  • They had to have a total Clutch rating of 4.8 or better.
  • They had to be active on the market for at least 5 years.
  • They had to have a reliable portfolio showcasing extensive software development experience.
  • They needed to employ a team with the necessary knowledge and abilities to produce scalable software solutions, and exhibited high engagement, proactive behavior, ownership-taking attitude, and problem-solving skills in previous projects.
  • They encouraged an agile working culture and provided cross-functional teams with professionals who were dedicated to enhancing client business outcomes.

The businesses were thoroughly investigated by real people, not algorithms. This investigation included assessing their websites, ranking portal pages, reviews, client testimonials, and social media and blog content.

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After providing your job description, our team will meet with you to understand your technical needs and workplace culture. We then match you with pre-vetted developers that best fit your role.

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