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How To Become A Top Remote Nearshore Developer

Working as a remote developer has its fair share of advantages, which makes the job market quite competitive. Currently, only about 16% of the world’s companies operate in a fully remote environment.

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This slim pool of remote employers, and the nature of the tech industry, encourage software developers to put in their best efforts to become highly skilled remote professionals.

If you’re an aspiring remote developer, offering your services to nearshore companies will be the most efficient way to find employment. Today’s article will give you practical tips on how to become a top remote nearshore developer! 

Key business and development skills to become a top remote nearshore developer

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Target nearshore companies in need of software solutions. 

Becoming a remote developer is much easier when you have a clear niche of employment to work with. That’s why nearshoring is so convenient both for companies and developers.

When you target nearshore companies looking to build a LATAM team of developers, you’ll find your services are often exactly what they need.

Because of this, it’s key to apply for jobs at nearshore companies or market your services as nearshore software solutions.

Businesses recognize the different advantages of hiring nearshore developers and will want to hear more about your profile! 

Have a strong English proficiency.

This one might seem like a given for many of you, still, it’s worth reiterating. If you want to become a top remote nearshore developer, you need to have a strong command of the English language.

Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for you to find work or communicate with both your employers and colleagues. The 2021 EF English Proficiency Index is a great indicator of the language skills of every country.

You can use this report as a tool to measure your own English proficiency against the average person in your home country. 

Know a variety of coding languages and innovative technologies. 

Top remote developers not only work around flexible schedules, they also have a strong command of different coding languages and IT technologies.

This allows anyone looking to become a top remote nearshore developer to show potential employers they have versatile skills and a true passion for software development.

We recommend aspiring remote developers master at least two to three languages before looking for employment opportunities to maximize their remote development skills.

Several programming languages are trending at the moment but a few of the most sought-after ones are shown in the image down below. 

Create a portfolio worthy of a top-notch candidate in nearshore development.

If you want to become a remote nearshore developer, having a portfolio of previous work or mockups will help potential employers recognize your skills.

It’s one thing to have your word as sole proof of your knowledge and experience but a portfolio with tangible examples can validate everything that’s on your resume.

Software development is a practical, results-oriented environment and companies are looking for candidates that can prove they know their way around the necessary technologies.

Put together a portfolio, it’s best if it’s on a professional-looking website, and attach the link with every resume or cover letter you send.

Make sure to let your personality shine through the projects you include too, as employers appreciate seeing you’re a living, breathing human being that can fit into their company culture. 

  • Journo Portfolio offers a free premium plan for graduate, undergraduate, and tertiary students looking to showcase their remote development skills. It’s a slide option if you’re looking to build a portfolio without it taking much time out of your day. 

Show up prepared for all remote interviews. 

Interviews are crucial for any job, that’s not news. But the interview process for software developers is particularly unique. Besides the traditional interview portion of the selection process, most aspiring remote developers are asked to complete a coding assessment to demonstrate their skills.

This is an industry standard, even for top remote nearshore developers with impressive portfolios. Because of this, you need to practice your English language skills and the way you work under pressure before the interview begins.

Make sure you’re familiar with English business terminology and that your internet connection can support a live coding task.

Though sometimes the assessments aren’t live, it’s best to be prepared for any possibility!

Be open and enthusiastic about code reviews. 

If you’re looking to become a top remote nearshore developer and are interested in projects that require a shared codebase, code reviews will probably be a common occurrence.

It’s best to encourage these code reviews and try to make the most out of them, instead of caving in to the added pressure.

As long as you follow the project’s established code guidelines, you should have nothing to worry about. In fact, code reviews can often make remote developers strengthen their group collaboration and maintain quality code standards.

Check out Google’s official code review guidelines if you’re interested in reading more on the subject. 

Know where to look for remote software development jobs. 

Looking for remote employment opportunities often leads to multiple hit or miss situations. Though there are different ways you can go about finding your first job as a top remote nearshore developer, you need to make sure you’re putting your remote development skills to good use.

When you first start, trying out freelancing platforms, such as UpWork or Fiverr,  to make a name for yourself and build a portfolio can be a smart move.

Still, you’ll want to branch out into LinkedIn job postings or job ads on different internet development forums to find more stable work. At the end of the day, it all depends on the kind of job you’re looking to land. 

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What does a remote nearshore developer do?

A remote nearshore developer offers their software development experience and skills to nearshore companies looking for flexible coding solutions.

What can help me become a top remote nearshore developer?

Putting together a professional portfolio, creating a profile on freelance platforms, and knowing a variety of coding languages will help you achieve success as a remote developer.

Where can I find remote software development jobs?

Aspiring remote developers can find remote work through freelancing platforms such as UpWork or Fiverr, different LinkedIn job postings, by researching programming job boards, or by joining a network of remote developers.


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February 4, 2022