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7 Reasons To Hire Remote Software Developers

We believe that technology is the future, and that includes remote work. While many companies were forced to switch to a work-from-home approach due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are a software development team by choice. We’ve tried and tested the pros and cons of working remotely and decided that going remote was the right move for our agency. Because of this, we now recommend this option to any company looking to hire developers. 

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Still, we understand that the idea of supporting a remote web development team can seem challenging. Daunting, even. It involves a lot of communication, work ethics, and ground rules to thrive as a remote software development company. Yet it’s entirely possible to succeed with a remote workforce. That’s why today’s post is dedicated to the advantages of hiring remote software developers. We’re sharing our top 7 reasons to go remote. 

Why you should hire remote software developers

#1 A more diverse and highly talented software development team. 

Companies hiring remote software developers have a far larger talent pool to choose from compared to traditional organizations. When you hire a remote software engineer, it doesn’t matter where they’re located or if they’re willing to move closer to the office. Your workspace is 100% online, meaning there are virtually no restrictions regarding who your company can bring onboard. This is particularly helpful if you’re looking to hire developers with an extra specific skill set. That’s when your HR team might struggle to find suitable candidates with enough expertise in certain areas of software development. With a remote team, there’s bound to be someone out there that’s a perfect fit for the job. 

#2 Working remotely makes your company more productive. 

This can seem unexpected, but remote developers are more efficient and productive than onsite workers. A survey from March 2021 by Airtasker shows that remote employees spent 15% less time avoiding work than their full-time office colleagues. On average this percentage signifies 1.4 more days of work a month, which leads us to another productivity factor. Think about the long commute that remote software developers are avoiding, putting that time to better use on weekdays. That’s why a work-from-home software engineer might use some spare time to kickstart their next project. Remote workers tend to be more productive, it’s as simple as that. 

#3 No need to spend resources in an office building. 

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared to go remote at any moment. With time, many companies realized that having a large office was a rather unnecessary expense given the state of the business world. And it shows: only 1 in 10 companies expects its employees to return to the office for the time being. As we’ve said, technology and remote work are an undeniable part of the future. Hiring remote software developers will allow your company to avoid the added expenses of setting up a new office space, stocking a refrigerator with snacks and beverages, and regularly paying higher utility costs. 

#4  Remote software developers lead to lower employment costs. 

Employment costs are yet another added expense of hiring onsite employees. This traditional work relationship involves quite a lot of legally required benefits. These include social security, medical care, unemployment insurance, and other company-specific bonuses. It’s easy to see that these costs add up in the end, resulting in a considerable expense for your company. Hiring a work-from-home software engineer or a remote software development team, such as our Next Idea Tech web development agency, spares the company of those added costs. In the end, going remote leads to a better cost-to-benefit ratio for your web development needs. 

#5 It’s possible to have an around-the-clock web development team. 

One of the great advantages of hiring remote software developers is that your company can meet its web development needs at almost any given time. Time differences are common for those familiar with remote work, but we’ve learned to embrace them. Remote developers work during a certain time of time, and it’s no issue if not everyone is on the same schedule. That way your software development team can be active around the clock and complete projects faster than any onsite workforce. 

# 6 Greater employee retention rates. 

Believe it or not, young professionals aren’t looking for the most stable work opportunity available. Most Millennials expect to jump from company to company rather than sticking to the same position for several years. Flexibility plays a great role in why younger generations are constantly pivoting their careers in new directions or actively looking for other work opportunities. In fact, a recent survey found 58% of those working remotely would quit if forced to return to an office. By offering remote software developer jobs, your company will see an increase in its employee retention rate. 

#7 More experienced, independent software developers. 

Software engineers are also outstanding problem solvers, and that skill comes with a lot of experience resolving issues in an independent manner. That’s why a work-from-home software engineer will most likely need less micromanaging than an onsite employee. Everyone’s good at what they’re used to, and a remote web development team knows its way around a unique issue or two. With a bigger talent pool to choose from and candidates who can hold themselves accountable on their own, your workforce will be more experienced and independent than before. If you don’t believe it, trust these numbers: remote developers have around 60% more years of professional coding experience than their onsite peers.

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As you can see, at Next Idea Tech we are passionate about remote work and proud to be a remote software development company. Our web development team is always ready to bring your ideas to life and develop software solutions. Since we work with people from all over the world, you can find an expert ready to engage with you at all times. We are flexible, eager to listen to your vision, and equipped to deliver you the best value for your money. Here are the ways in which we can help you take the next step for your business: 

  • Web development. 

Our web development team is made up of expert software developers that are passionate about creating a website that fits all of your needs. We engage with your ideas and build a custom-made site that will help your business grow in the digital space. 

  • App development. 

Looking into going mobile? You’ve come to the right place. We design and develop high-quality mobile apps that your audience will love to spend time on. 

  • UI/UX development. 

User interaction is key to us. Our UI/UX design services will provide your business with an engaging interface that works for multiple platforms and helps you reach new leads. 

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September 9, 2021