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8 Most Convenient Resources For Remote Developers

We know that working from home is not as simple as it sounds. Sure, it’s certainly more convenient than commuting to an office every day, but it still presents everyone with a few challenges. As a remote developer, it’s important for you to maximize every tool you can find. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best resources for remote developers so you can improve your productivity, employment hunting, and programming workflow. Keep reading to learn all about the 8 most convenient remote work tools for software developers! 

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The best remote work tools for software developers

1. We Work Remotely:

If you’re trying to find remote development jobs, look no further. We Work Remotely is the largest remote work community in the world and connects companies looking to outsource with workers from all over the world. It features an extensive database of remote jobs divided into different categories, like Programming and Sales and Marketing

Though this is more than your ordinary job board. As a remote work community, it includes an insightful blog as well as a podcast filled with content related to the challenges and opportunities of working from home. 

2. The Work From Home Show:

We just had to include a podcast on this list. While remote workers won’t need them to get through a daily commute, this is still one of the best resources for remote developers. The Work From Home Show is a podcast specifically created for remote workers and distributed organizations. 

The two hosts are remote workers themselves and share tips on how to be more productive, how to organize your home office, and how to have a solid life/work balance. You can listen to this while starting your day, automating tasks, or making breakfast, It’ll surely get you excited for the day of remote work ahead! 

3. Jira

If you’re a remote developer who prefers the Agile methodology, then this is one of the best remote work tools for you. It helps you and your remote team members plan, track, and release quality software into the world. 

Similar to Trello but created specifically for software developers, this project management tool has all you need to stay on top of your coding projects. It features workflow templates as well as a custom design page to create the one that works best for you, sprint planning software, kanban boards, agile reporting, and more. 


Codeshare is a solution for those remote developers who aren’t big fans of screen sharing. This resource for remote developers offers the possibility to share your coding work in real-time, with video conference included on the side of the screen as well. You can use it to share your progress with your clients or employers, teach a friend how to code, or just for troubleshooting purposes. 

5. GitHub

GitHub is a wildly popular software development platform where you can code, collaborate, automate, and properly develop your code to perfection. It gives you nearly all the remote work tools for nearshore developers you could ask for in terms of a coding hub. 

There are many features that set this coding platform apart from its competitors, but, as always, we have a few favorites. GitHub’s best features include its Visual Studio Code space with high-performance VMs, a public repository, automated testing, API testing, and built-in deployments. 

6. Evernote:

While many might say notetaking is not an essential task for a remote programmer, we believe this is one of the most convenient resources for nearshore developers. This desktop and mobile application will allow you to access all of your notes whenever and wherever you need them. This way you’ll never forget about the topics of last week’s meeting or that to-do list that needs to be done by EOD. 

 Any remote developer will appreciate the ability to embed pdfs, images, videos, audio, and images to their notes. But Evernote’s possibilities don’t end with simple note-taking. The app also features a calendar with pop-up notifications and a built-in to-do list checklist. Thanks to these features, you can prepare for work on the go and make sure you never miss a deadline. 

7. Floobits

This is a real-time collaboration tool for remote developers looking to do some pair work. This works through the open-source Floobits atom plugin where you can share your code with anyone you want. It’s great for group coding projects or for consulting a doubt or two with a colleague. 

Floobits uses a shared workspace for code pairing, as it was designed to make collaborative development projects easier. The interface actively syncs edits made o everyone in the workspace and allows them to simultaneously edit the files. You can also video chat with your teammates, share terminals, and drag other users to your current cursor position to simplify the editing process. 

8. ClickUp:

If you have trouble staying productive while working on your own, ClickUp is here to help. This app is perfect for all remote developers and is overall one of the best tools for remote work, no matter the industry. 

This is a cloud-based collaboration and project management system that lets you organize your daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly tasks in a user-friendly interface. It features tools that allow you to update the status of each task, set priorities, and even track your time to see how efficient you were each week. Whether you work 100% solo or with a remote development team, ClickUp will help you stay productive. 

What do you think of these resources for remote software developers? Do you need to find remote developer jobs? 

Whether you’re a remote developer looking for a new remote coding job or just trying to improve your remote work skills, these 8 best resources for remote developers will improve your IT game in no time. All you need to do is take advantage of the available remote work tools for software development and focus on staying productive while working from home. Over time, the results will come and your career as a nearshore developer will advance more rapidly than before. 

At Next Idea Tech, we understand that finding remote coding jobs can take some time. While optimizing different resources for remote developers can certainly help you improve your skills and better your chances of employment, sometimes it’s time to look at non-traditional options. That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to join an international network of remote programmers just like yourself. Contact us to learn how you join the Next Idea Tech nearshoring network and find remote work! 


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April 22, 2022