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10 US companies hiring remote developers in Latin America in 2022

Hiring remote developers can seem like a big step for companies used to managing fully in-person teams. Still, nearshoring has been around for a long time, with hundreds of companies taking advantage of this workforce model even before the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we wanted to share with you the details of 10 US companies hiring remote developers in 2022. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should hire nearshore developers, this article will help you realize how successful your business can be if you make the move. Keep reading to learn about hiring remote developers from real-life examples! 

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10 US companies hiring remote developers in 2022

1. Salesforce.

This American cloud-based software company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Yet it still hires remote developers and maintains a substantially large remote team. You probably know this company because of the stellar property management experience it offers through its signature customer relationship management software. 

Salesforce works with different global offices that hire developers and other professionals within different regions, including Latin America. Though most of the roles are able to work fully remote since this flexibility is highly valued nowadays. 

2. Bonfire

Bonfire is an innovative platform that allows anyone to design, sell, and buy custom products for fundraising or profit-selling purposes. It also helps users make a custom t-shirt order, whether that is for just a couple of people or a large group preparing for a family vacation. 

This company was founded in Richmond, Virginia but has now transitioned into a fully remote working environment. As a 100% distributed company, Bonfire team members enjoy complete flexibility. Still, they need to be available for occasional meetings and such, as stated on their Careers page. This business model could very well be mirrored by your own company to start hiring nearshore developers in Latin America. 

3. Superside.

Superside offers design at scale for any brand ready to take the creative aspect of their business to the next level. Their B2B services offer a dedicated team of creative professionals, meaning this US company is in direct need of software developers and IT professionals on a regular basis. 

This company is fully remote and proud of it. Superside is committed to the future of work and constantly looking for ways to improve its distributed workflow. They recruit developers from over 60 countries, showing that your company can start hiring nearshore developers in Latin America this year. 

4. Eventbrite.

This event management and ticketing company has been a favorite of many for quite some time now. Eventbrite allows anyone to create, promote, and assist different events all over the world. Because the focus of this company is put on their event management platform, they’re always looking for IT professionals to help support their day-to-day operations. 

Eventbrite maintains a hybrid model, with employees being able to choose if they want to work at the office full time, just for a few days, or go fully remote. This allows them to hire remote developers in Latin America while still handling a part of their operations in an in-person format. 

5. Quora

Out of the many US companies hiring remote developers in Latin America, you’re bound to recognize Quora as one of the most viral names on this list. The Quora team is dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing a space for honest debates on the internet. 

As its mission suggests, Quora is a remote-first team. This means they hire people from all over the world, including nearshore developers from Latin America. While they allow for flexible working hours, they do have a set time slot dedicated to “coordination hours” to ensure the team’s communications flow every workday. This is an interesting measure that your company could also adopt if you decide to hire remote developers. 

6. TripAdvisor.

There are many US companies working with remote developers, but not many of them are travel-related businesses. Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel guidance platform and, as such, is open to working with remote developers from all over the world. 

Tripadvisor has offices all over the world and maintains a hybrid work model Some positions are in-person and others are able to work remotely. It varies from role to role, but the IT department is among the ones that enjoy the most remote work opportunities for developers. 

7. Magic Media

Magic Media is the perfect example of an entertainment business hiring remote developers in Latin America. This is a gaming and entertainment group with a global focus that aspires to help small and medium entertainment developers turn ideas into reality. 

In concordance with their international mindset, Magic Media recruits from all over the world. They have a distributed workforce, which allows them to gain a diverse perspective in business. If you’re wondering how companies like Magic Media hire remote team members, we have just the article for you. Head over to this post to learn how to vet remote developers from anywhere in the world. 

8. Dialpad.

Dialpad is both one of the US companies hiring remote developers in 2022 and a useful resource for business with distributed teams. This company offers a unified business communications platform that simplifies all remote team communications and project workflows. 

As one would expect from a company committed to helping remote teams, Dialpad offers remote work opportunities. While they have offices all over the world, employees have the option to apply for remote-only positions for maximum flexibility. 

9. MParticle.

MParticle helps companies manage their customer data through their customer data platform and secure APIs and SDKs. Most of this company’s jobs are remote, but there are a few location-specific positions as well.

This combination of remote and in-person teams can be tricky to handle at first. Still, it has brought successful results to many companies from all over the world. It just takes a short adjustment period and strong management skills to get the team working at an effective pace. You can read our article on how to manage remote development teams to learn how to balance a hybrid work model. 

10. Hubstaff

We couldn’t forget to include Hubstaff in our list of US companies hiring remote developers in Latin America. This company offers businesses the opportunity to save significant amounts of time through an all-in-one time tracker that works just as well with both remote and hybrid teams. 

Hubstaff has a fully remote workforce, aligned with its products and services. They believe a global team is a competitive advantage, and we wholeheartedly agree. Your company would win a competitive edge over its competitors by hiring nearshore developers in Latin America thanks to a more diverse workforce and lower software development costs. 

Ready to be one of the US companies hiring remote developers in 2022? 

As you can see, there are many successful US companies hiring nearshore developers. The good news is your business could be one of them if you decide to try staff augmentation and nearshoring in 2022. At Next Idea Tech, we are committed to helping you find remote developers that are the best fit for your team. Contact us to learn more about how you can hire nearshore developers in Latin America!


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April 29, 2022